How to apply a Nappy

This article will describe and instruct you on how to put on a nappy,  but also something that can be very tricky for the first time user. It will also show how to diaper someone else if required.


Privacy – This goes without saying, as there’s nothing worse than having a friend or family member walk in when you’re in the middle of a change.

  • A Disposable Diaper – There are many brands out there, some better than others. I suggest reading through the forums, and the reviews in the articles section to find the best one for your needs. Some preferred brands are BetterDry, Rearz, Tykables, Bambinos, and more. However, for most of you, especially people from the US, your first diaper will be a store-brand one. These aren’t the best, but they’re better than nothing, and they’re all changed in pretty much the same manner.
  • Space to Lay Out – You’ll need at least enough room to sit with your legs straight out in front of you, with space to lean back. Enough space to lay out fully is ideal. A bed isn’t the best surface, something more firm like the floor helps a lot, and will ensure a tighter fit. There is of course the standing up method, although this tends to be harder for someone new to wearing.


  • Barrier Cream/Diaper Rash Cream – Some people like to use barrier cream to create another layer between your skin and the diaper. This is only really advisable if you have sensitive skin. The cream can cause problems with the rate of absorbency, leading to leaks.
  • Baby Powder – This is by far the most popular “additive” for adult babies. It helps with general chaffing, especially around the legs. Again it can impinge on the absorbency; the best way around this is to rub it on to your diaper area, and not to use too much. Overuse causes a “powder mud” to form when wet.
  • Baby Wipes – Wipes come in handy all the time, make sure you stock up on them. You can of course use a wash cloth instead, but they’re not as practical. Wipes are used for cleaning up your diaper area whilst changing, and they’re also good for cleaning off your hands after applying powder and/or cream, both of which can cause the tapes to become unsticky.


 Diapering Yourself

First, you want to make sure your diaper area is relatively clean. It’s okay to put one on after a day of work for example, but it is a plastic backed garment which means it will cause you to sweat, and the majority of you will also be using the diaper for its intended purpose. Making sure your skin is nice and clean beforehand will help keep the skin healthy. Diaper rash is not a fun experience.

Actually putting on the diaper is different for everyone. Over time you’ll come up with your own technique. Practice and experiment with different ways until you find your own style. This being said it’s always good to start from a base level of knowledge.

  • Take the diaper and place it on a flat surface, then unfold it, making sure you spread out the wings, removing all folds and flatting it out. If you want to apply baby powder, put a sprinkling in the diaper beforehand; this saves getting your hands covered, and is the only sensible way to apply baby powder if you change standing up. Of course, you can always sprinkle it on your diaper area when you lay down, and rub it in. Just make sure to wipe your hands afterwards with a baby wipe.
  • Lay down on the diaper, positioning it so it’s just right. You want the top of the rear waistband to be just a little bit higher than the front. Before you plonk your bum down, you’ll want to make sure that you stretch out the rear wings, sitting down when it’s fully taut.
  • Make adjustments as you need. You want the wings to be central on your torso for the best fit. Bring up the front of the diaper, tucking in the front wings round your body, so it’s smooth, allowing the rear wings to fold round the front easily and with out obstruction. Then pull up the first rear wing (which side you do first is up to you).
  • Taping is by preference. What I like to do is tape the bottommost tape on one side first, making sure I get a snug fit. You don’t want it to be too tight, or too lose. Use your free hand to tuck in the front wing, and keep it there, whilst you pull the wing tight and tape it down. Then tape up the bottom tape on the opposite side, again making sure it’s snug.
  • Finally, stand up and make sure to run a finger round the leg gathers, untucking any of the outer material that may have gotten folded up.

Of course, this takes practice and practice and practice. Your first try will be a disaster, second, not so much, and before you know it you’ll be come a diapering machine.


Diapering Someone Else

If you’re very lucky, you might make some real life AB/DL friends, and if you get really close and don’t mind seeing your friend’s naughty bits, you might be lucky enough to change them. I love changing people; it’s just such a simple act which shows a lot of love and caring. What better present could you give to an ABDL friend?

Changing someone else isn’t that tricky, especially if you’ve had lots of practice on yourself; it’s just a different position, and involves telling someone what to do to help you out.

  • Again, start by unfolding the diaper and laying it flat, making sure it has no folds and is ready to go. Don’t bother adding baby powder at this stage as there’s not much point, and it’s easier to add later on.
  • Get your friend to lay down, and lift up their bum. You can help by grabbing their heels and pushing them towards the head, but they’ll have to help support themselves a little, otherwise it becomes awkward. Grabbing the back wings of the diaper, slide it under their bum, and make sure the whole diaper is straight, then whilst holding the back wings taut get them to lower themselves gently down. Again, you can help here.
  • Once your friend is laying down on the diaper, make any final adjustments, you want it even on either side of the body, and the rest of the diaper straight. Add a bit of powder to the diaper area, rubbing it in (you are close friends, right?), remembering not to add too much.
  • Bring up the front of the diaper. It shouldn’t come over the rear of the diaper, and should ideally be a little lower. Tuck in the front wings around the torso, as this allows for a tighter fit, and stops them from getting in the way. Open up one of the lower tapes and whilst using one hand to keep the front wing tucked in, pull it round and tape it up securely. Then apply the second lower tape. If you’ve done it right they should be somewhat symmetrical, but this isn’t super important, as the fit is what we’re after, not the look.
  • The top tapes are done in a similar manner. Your first top tape should be the one above the last bottom tape you did, as this help keeps things somewhat even. Again, use a hand to keep the front wing tucked in, and pull the tape taut with your other hand, removing the first hand as you stick it down. Repeat this for the other side.
  • Run a finger round the leg holes, making sure the leg gathers are on the outside, helping prevent leaks.

Finally, give your padded friend a big hug!



So, what to do with that dirty diaper (even if you haven’t “used” it, it still absorbs sweat and other nastiness)? Pull off the tapes – if it’s a double tape system pull off the secondary tapes so you don’t rip the diaper.

  • Clean yourself up, using baby wipes, a wet wash cloth, or preferably a shower, especially if you’ve messed or wet, and are going back into big people’s clothes. If you use wipes, chuck them into the opened, dirty diaper.
  • Fold up the front of the diaper, and roll it towards the rear, tape one side over, then try and roll the whole thing towards the other unfastened wing, taping this up when you reach it. You should end up with a nice tight sausage of a diaper. Stick this in a carrier bag, and dispose as you see fit.
  • Make sure to keep clean before and after. Pee, sweat, and poop if you’re into that, aren’t very nice substances. You don’t want them sitting on your skin for too long, and when you clean up you want to get rid of all traces. Rashes aren’t cool!

Hope this helps. As you get used to it, you’ll come up with your own system of changing. Standing up, sitting down, which order you do the tapes, what creams and powder you use, how you deal with disposal, etc. Everyone is slightly different. Just go with what you find easiest, explore the options, and find your own path to diapered heaven.


This article taken from was created through the combined efforts of Loopy, Luca, and Ryrypie and also amended slightly for this page. Thank you for your information.